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Diamond Parcel Paper,Scoop,Shovel,Jewellery Machinery,Selvty Cloth

What & where we are today is the outcome of the first attempt made in the year 1978 to create out own identity. It was rather struggling, exhausting & depressing period when we initiated but due to dedication, will and most importantly blessings of our parents and the all mighty we could manage to reach where we are.

The only ethic, which guided us, all the way was “NEVER COMPROMISE”. Even today we work with the same ethic and will try to stick to it for life long. We never compromise with the quality of our product of our service at any cost, because until and unless we see the satisfaction on the customer’s face we won’t be completely profited. And this might be the only reason why we could manage to have nice & long lasting relations with world’s top most companies.

We are grateful of all the people who worked hard and made this company stand proudly in the world. We are also grateful of all our customers without support of whom it wouldn’t be possible for us to get to the high where we have reached today. We find this nice opportunity to welcome our new customers and we are sure that it is your first step towards a memorable relationship.

Not only the quality service but our products will give you a complete satisfaction and that’s what we think is highly required.

In your service with complete honesty.

Fluts / Parcel Paper
Assorting Pads
Bags & Display Box
Shipping Boxes & Zip Bag
Washing Jar & Pliers
Economy Carat Scale
Trays, Holders Drill
Sharpner / Mandral
Jewellery Machinery
Jewellery Tools & Accessories
Gift Articles
Microscope & Gem Instrument
Digital Varnier / Caliper

Dops/Tanks For Polishing

Diamond Cutting Tools
Display Boxes with Inserts


Diamond Sieves,Selvty Cloth,Diamond Gauges,Ring Stick Ring Sizer in Wooden Box

Diamond Parcel Paper Diamond Sieves Selvty Cloth Diamond Gauges
Ring Stick Ring Sizer in Wooden Box Diamond Scoop Diamond Shovel Diamond Tweezer
Diamond Breifcase Paper Diamond Sieves Daylight Diamond Lamp Diamond Eye Loupe
Perforated Assorting Pads Gem Tool Sorting Kit Ring Stick Ring Sizer Diamond Washing Jar
Microscope Gem Instrument Zip Lock Bag Jewellery Hammers Jewelry Cutting Tools
Lanyard for Diamond Industries Diamond Gauges Jewelry Mandrel Ring Sizer Jewelry
Shipping Boxes with Foam inserts Jewellery Machinery Weight Pan Jewelry Jewellery Pliers
Carat Scale in Wooden box Ring Stick Ring Sizer Diamond Holder Moe Gauge
Equipments and Tools for Diamond and Jewellery Doming Punches Jewellery Tools
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