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Diamond Washing Jar,Zip Lock Bag,Jewellery Hammers

Washing Jar and Pliers

S-239 (A)



Safely wash diamonds, melee, small findings, color stones and other components in this easy to use compact tool. Place your pieces in to the polished metal / fine-mesh screen cylinder. Fill the clear glass jar with a non –acidic cleaner compatible with the items you are cleaning. Place the cylinder in the glass jar, screw on the lid and agitate by hand.

Available Size:




Most handy & easy to use instrument to wash your valuables. Open it by softly pressing the grip sticks Put your stones in Funnel close it & agitate in the cleaning solution, clean it by cleaning cloth afterwards and all finger impressions or any other kind of dust will be completely vanished.

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Round Nose, Side Cutter, Top Cutter, Flat Nose, Long Nose


The hardest, strongest and longest lasting material for pliers. Jaws will not nick with normal use. Pliers keep their shape and finish. Plastic dipped handles with excellent fit and finish.

S-241 Round Nose
S-242 [A] Side Cutter
S-242 [B] Top Cutter
S-243 Flat Nose
S-244 Long Nose

Wire bending loop closing for jewelers
S-244 A
Other verities available:

i) Wire bending

ii) loop closing for jewelers

ring holding for jewelers spectacles with nylon grip on top
iii) ring holding for jewelers

iv) spectacles with nylon grip on top

watch strap knotching 1 mm & 3 mm width punching holes in leather belt; steel , flat
v) watch strap knotching 1 mm & 3 mm width

vi) punching holes in leather belt; steel , flat

board with brass tip plier combination
vii) board with brass tip

viii) plier combination 6”

Yellow slave pliers  
ix) SS for stone setting 43/4”
(Yellow slave pliers are heavy-duty pliers).

Gold Cutter

x) Gold Cutter (Different Sizes Available)

Gold Cutter

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Carat Scale in Wooden box, Jewelry Cutting Tools, Ring Sizer Jewelry

Diamond Parcel Paper Diamond Sieves Selvty Cloth Diamond Gauges
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Perforated Assorting Pads Gem Tool Sorting Kit Ring Stick Ring Sizer Diamond Washing Jar
Microscope Gem Instrument Zip Lock Bag Jewellery Hammers Jewelry Cutting Tools
Lanyard for Diamond Industries Diamond Gauges Jewelry Mandrel Ring Sizer Jewelry
Shipping Boxes with Foam inserts Jewellery Machinery Weight Pan Jewelry Jewellery Pliers
Carat Scale in Wooden box Ring Stick Ring Sizer Diamond Holder Moe Gauge
Equipments and Tools for Diamond and Jewellery Doming Punches Jewellery Tools
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